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Maternity and Newborn Photo Collage

Newborn Session FAQ

What's special about a newborn session?

Every newborn session I conduct is unique. From the bespoke bought wraps, blankets and accessories to the shooting schedule that is completely led by your baby. The service I provide is personalised to each individual family's wants and needs. We'll discuss a unique creative vision for your baby and we're in no rush to create it. This is all because I recognise this is a special time so it's my goal to create a memorable experience and truly beautiful images to honour that.

How do I book a newborn session?

Ideally parents-to-be let me know as early as possible in their pregnancy so I can be sure to schedule their due date into my shooting diary. Once I have taken a deposit (£50) I will make sure several slots are left open in the weeks around baby's due date to make sure I will be able to offer you a session whenever baby comes. The ideal time to have a newborn session is within the first 2 weeks of life for a term baby (later for preterm). This ensures baby is still very sleepy and curled up from being inside the womb, this is how we get all those beautiful curled up poses. Once baby has arrived get in touch asap and I will reply with some days and times I have available for sessions.

What else do you need to know before hand?

Any ideas from you regarding colours and prop preferences. I like to buy bespoke items for each shoot to make your photos unique and creative. Though please bear in mind when we're discussing this that my style is very natural, light and simple. You can have a look on my Newborns & Babies page for ideas.

Where do sessions take place?

I offer two types of newborn sessions: studio or lifestyle. Studio sessions happen at my specialised newborn studio at my home in Layer de la Haye, just outside Colchester. You will have endless tea and coffee, immaculate and comfortable feeding and changing facilities and toys and activities to occupy any older siblings who might be attending too. Lifestyle sessions happen at your home, this option means your home is the backdrop for your photos. Though it may mean lots of tidying on your behalf to make sure the focus is on you and your beautiful new addition.

How do sessions work?

Sessions work however baby wants them to. We do everything according to how baby in feeling that day. Generally, when you arrive I will ask you to strip baby off and wrap them in blankets I provide so we don't have to disturb them by taking their clothes off later. I then ask clients to feed baby. If you are bottle feeding please bring plenty of milk, the fuller baby is the better they will settle. Whilst you're feeding baby up ready to start the shoot I will make the tea and we can discuss the shots you would like. Shoots can last 2-4 hours, it all depends on how baby is feeling and how long it takes us to settle them. Don't worry, there's no rush. I only ever shoot one newborn a day so I'm all yours and you can enjoy putting your feet up, which might be very welcome if you haven't had a lot of sleep for a while!

What happens afterwards?

Within 10 days you will receive an email with a link and password for your online viewing gallery. In this time I will professionally edit and finish your images individually. From here it depends how you have/will choose/chosen to purchase your images.

How much do newborn sessions cost?

You have a choice from three package options, they are Standard, Signature and Luxury Newborn Packages. See here for details on what all my packages include. All you need to pay upfront is a £50 booking fee to secure your booking and this will be deductible from your final package. You do not need to decide on which package you would like until after you have received your online viewing gallery but please note that in booking and attending a newborn session you are committing to purchasing one of the available packages. The final amount is due within 2 weeks of you receiving your online viewing gallery.

If you would like to start planning your Newborn Session please contact me, I can't wait to hear from you!