Essex Women Create




Hi there!

Thank you so much for agreeing to be a part of this project. This project is about raising the profile of (anyone identifying as) female creatives in Essex and to discuss the relationship between their craft(s) and their role as a woman. As a life long admirer of the creative women in my area I want to celebrate them and dive in a little deeper to find out about these women. How do these elements of these women (you) inform each other? How does it feel to be a woman, in Essex, creating? What are differences of experience between the women in the project? What common ground can be found?

To get us started before your portrait session I would really appreciate you taking a little time to give some thoughts below. Don’t think too hard on any of it. I would rather your responses were honest and authentic, spoken in your own voice. Simply throw the thoughts down that come to you.

Many thanks for your time!




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