Start the year strong by setting your intentions & getting focus for 2023

goal setting

Welcome to my presentation as part of The Hook team on our first ever Breakfast Club networking event. Today I am talking to you about  my own experience with goal setting and how it has transformed my business and my relationship to my working life.

clarity is the opposite of overwhelm

Having goals and broader view of your business IS what will give you a work-life balance in the present and longevity for your business in the future. 

Burnout, overwhelm and a feeling your business is being undervalued or you’re giving too much time and resource away without the return can all be signs you are not giving enough focus to the longer term goals of your business.

Want to hear what’s worked for me?


Do you have a fear of setting intentions because you’re pre-empting “failure”?
Great news. There’s no such thing as failure in this. The goal isn’t actually “the goals”, the goal is the focus the intention of having a goal gives you in the present.

If you recognise this then you take the fear of “failure” off the table. If fear of “failure” is off the table then your intentions and goals will be free of barriers to growth.

setting those goals

Start big. All vision. The logistics, the resources, the skillsets will all follow. But nothing grows before a seed is planted.

Visualise. Start with the life you want your business to provide you, then work backwards. What are your priorities? What does a balanced life look like for you? What days do you want to work? How does your family and leisure time get prioritised? What do you want to earn? When in the year do you want to work? What kind of work do you want to do?

Make a list. Make the big chunks little chunks. Look at your calendar. Schedule the work in. Make a plan for accountability and reflection. All the while remember your businuss is a scupltable thing, change is expected as intentions evolve. 


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