Hello! Here’s a little…

about me

Thanks for visiting my little portion of the web space and checking out what I do. My name is Charlie Alexander, the numero uno head honcho of Farlie Photography.

How it all began…

Farlie Photography began as a little Facebook page that I started to share photographs that I was taking, of mainly of my own children, back when photography was very much a hobby.

Over time the hobby became a business. From something I’d initially named to wilfully not put my name to, to something I am very proud of. Although the slightly silly name remains.

my background

creativity fuels me

With a BA in Dance I’ve always been a creative. I went from university to a couple of different arts organisations assisting, leading and managing arts projects across the creative disciplines and the community. Then a spell in teaching before leaving to have my children and start this photography journey. What hasn’t been learnt in evening classes and professional workshops has been self taught and so here I am and this is my work.



a new relationship with photography

My work is all about capturing the milestones of life beautifully, simplistically and authentically. My images reflect my shooting style; creative, relaxed, authentic. I adore negative space, real emotion and colour. I am also passionate about the experience of photography being positive. Portraiture should be something to be enjoyed, an event that’s special and adds to the milestone moments of our lives. It shouldn’t be the part of these special moments that’s to be dreaded or endured, but I appreciate that for most people they have a long torturous history of cringe worthy school portraits and stiff stressful formal family photos to make up for! So for me the emphasis is on knowing people, putting people at ease and starting a new relationship with having their photo taken.

more than anything

I want to capture connection creatively

So the big moments of life are where I want to be, camera in hand and delivering these precious moments back to my clients for them to keep. A legacy for their families to cherish forever.

So have a click around, check out my blog for my creative projects, personal work and past client highlights. You can also go to my client specific services for weddingsnewborns, families and personal branding.

I’d love to know what you think and if you have a photography project in mind let’s chat!

Thanks for visiting.


kind words

"Charlie is very professional and friendly, and has a wonderful talent!" | Emily

We had a lovely morning at Charlie’s cosy studio for our daughter, Eliza’s photoshoot. Charlie kept us very relaxed with endless mugs of tea, and was very patient and relaxed with Eliza who was determined to fight off sleeping!! We are over the moon with the photographs, totally what we wished for; natural, gorgeous and calm-they really show off Eliza’s personality. We will treasure the photographs forever. We would highly recommend Farlie photography- Charlie is very professional and friendly, and has a wonderful talent!

"Could not be happier!!! Charlie captured the most amazing shots!" | Hannah

We had a fantastic experience during our shoot – Charlie was amazing with Lily and involved her big sister Emily as much as possible! A truly talented lady! I can’t stop staring at my girls! The photos of Lily and her big sister are beautiful! Could not be happier!!! Charlie captured the most amazing shots! Not only would I recommend Farlie Photography to everyone but I will be returning for some family shots in the near future! Thank you so much!!! Xxx

"...such a personal touch and she made us all feel so comfortable and at ease on both occasions." | Elzette

We LOVE our photos and we had the best time at both our shoots! Had the bump-to-baby package and so incredibly pleased with the result! Charlie is amazing at what she does, such a personal touch and she made us all feel so comfortable and at ease on both occasions. And to not even mention the photos!! It’s more than just amazing, every time I look at the photos of our beautiful little family and our gorgeous little girl and baby boy I’m so grateful that we could capture moments like these, moments of joy and laughter, intimacy and closeness, love and peace and family fun and newborn purity! Thank you Charlie for making us feel comfortable and so at home in front of the camera, thank you for capturing memories than I’ll treasure forever and now do not have to forget as they are forever captured in your/our beautiful photos … I’m so grateful that you’ve done it with such ease but such perfection. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

"...her kind nature made us, and our guests, feel so relaxed on the day.." | Liz & Rob

Charlie and her photography are just amazing! She captures moments and visions and creates memories in an instant. Charlie was our wedding photographer and her kind nature made us, and our guests, feel so relaxed on the day. Charlie is not a photographer that you need to prep with a long list of what shots you want, for she sees them before you do! It’s magical looking back after your wedding and just thinking WOW she captured it all… and more! From the pre wedding shoot to the delivery of our photos, her service is seamless! I cannot recommend Charlie enough! Thank you!

Essex photographer Farlie Photography by portrait photographer Charlie Alexander. If you would like to see more examples of my work check out my blog!

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